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"A rock album full of intrigue, Song of the Siren Saved is a gripping showcase from Chicago-based band Deep Cricket Night. Their sound proves commanding with a balance of hypnotic and ferocious soundscapes" - Obscure Sound (US)
"Deep Cricket Night builds a vibey and subtly psychedelic rock atmosphere on their latest track “Sometimes When She Sings”. This song which features on their latest album “Song of the Siren Saved” continues the album’s themes of crafting infectious melodies with a dark edge to their soundscape." - Lost in the Manor (UK)
The fear and complexity of life in times of pandemic are the subject around which the last Deep Cricket Night album titled Song Of The Siren Saved revolves. In this fascinating collection of ten songs, the Chicago band paints a realistic fresco of the emotions and feelings we felt during that difficult period that turned our normality. The band's sound is an exquisite mix of styles and genres ranging from the progressive rock of the '60s to the new wave of the 80s that merge together to create an original sound compound." - Artisti Online (Italy)

"Other highlights on the record include songs like “Where I Call Home” with its airy intro of bright guitar notes that flutter above lulling bass lines and mellow drums. Blissful melodic vocals spin emotive delivery on an enthralling arrangement of guitar layers, gently rising and falling between falsetto style and velvety verses.." - Plastic Magazine (UK)
"The album is a journey through a spectrum of emotions, culminating with “Skulls Reach.” This track commences with rumbling low glitchy effects before launching into an enigmatic, cinematic melody. Drums and riffing guitars lead listeners through dynamic shifts, reflecting the pandemic’s turmoil and unpredictability. Giving you a whole different look, feel, and sound, Deep Cricket Night has emerged out of the pandemic cocoon as a different entity. “Song of the Siren Saved” is unlike anything you have heard before." - Illustrate Magazine (US)
'When You Disappear’ amplifies the sonic environment, exploring fast-paced, dance-inducing new wave and shoegaze solutions which really suit the band. It’s a modern, more fashionable look for a group that’s promising and visibly experienced in its musical prowess. ‘Song of the Siren Saved’ is a worthy musical discovery, one we urge you to undertake now." - Mesmerized (UK)


Deep Cricket Night has come out of the pandemic with a sonic - style shift through the wormhole. We used the roots at the portal's gate as a ladder, climbing out of our past sound. The present sound regards fulfilling the new, post-pandemic range. For practical cliches, our sound is now akin to Joy Division meets 1970 Pink Floyd with Syd still in the room. The band is comprised of Lance Drake (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Greg MacAyeal (Bass), Dave Buoscio (Piano/Organ), Michael Ressler (drums).

Musically, DCN builds their original sound highlighted by the lead bass hooks of Greg MacAyeal and the vocal-lyrical strength of the band's primary songwriter, Lance Drake.

PLACES PLAYED: Burlington Bar, Outta Space, Montrose Saloon, Fitzgerald's, Edgewater Arts Festival, Ribfest Chicago, The Abbey Pub, Reggie's, Martyrs’, Quencher’s, The Hideout, Elbo Room, Red Line Tap, Northman Riverwalk, Bernice’s Tavern, Cary’s Lounge, Continental Club (Austin,TX), The Frequency (Madison, WI), Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN), Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN), various clubs in Bloomington, IN.

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